Covid-19 Health & Safety Course

7 students

This course is designed to ensure that you are fully trained on covid-19 and how to maintain a safe workplace for your staff as well as your clients.

Completing this course you will be able to demonstrate to co-workers and more importantly your clients that you are certified and competent in delivering a safe service and that this important to you to do so.

Benefits of the Course

    • Knowing your legal responsibilities
    • Understanding COVID-19
    • Transmission of the disease
    • Specific hand hygiene
    • Understanding sanitisation and sterilisation
    • Understanding cross-infection and secondary infection

Included in the course are general salon hygiene rules, the safe use of chemical agents and equipment, appropriate Health and Safety Regulations and a workplace cleaning schedule.

The course is designed for distance learning at home or work, once completed you will receive a CPD certificate of approval showing that you have updated your skills in accordance with government guidelines on the CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19).